Bel Ami

eBook on a famous French Novel

The eBook “Bel Ami” is the second novel of the famous French author, Guy de Maupassant. It was first published in 1885 and this eBook is an English translation of the original French book.

“Bel Ami “runs around Georges Duroy's rise to fame and fortune from being a poor ex-NCO to become one of Paris' most successful citizens by exploiting powerful, knowledgeable and rich mistresses during that time.

“Bel Ami” showed how a young man takes advantage of his young features and keen ability to gain the desires he has in life. He achieves them all without guilt or conscience.

The popularity of the eBook led to several movie versions. The first one was published in 1939 with the same title and the second and third versions where released in 2011.

The popularity of “Bel Ami” didn't stop there. It was even made into a play in April 11th, 2008 which was directed by Pavel Khek. The play was staged several times.

Bel Ami


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